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If you’re seeking help and advice to make effective use of a converted bus, either for a short or long term project then Recycled Bus is for you.  A Recycled Bus is any former Passenger Carrying Vehicle that has been adapted to perform a new role. It may be for:

• Catering
• Community Services
• Education
• Exhibition 
• Hospitality

• Information 

• Mobile Home 

• Play Bus 

• Promotion 

• Youth Work

A Recycled Bus makes the ideal vehicle to promote your business, charity or Church, or to provide a mobile base for your activities.  But there are pitfalls and this is where Recycled Bus can help.  Our experience spans three decades, during which time we have either made or witnessed the mistakes that you would do well to avoid.  We have built up a wealth of knowledge, good practise and industry contacts making us ideally placed to help you maximise the potential of your project and your budget.

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